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Did you receive an unwanted dickpic?

We will guide you through all the steps necessary to file a criminal complaint! It takes less than 5 minutes!

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Do you need more information?

When did it happen

Very good! You need to send us a screenshot of the social media message which contains the dickpic and the username/phone number of the evildoer. Just upload it here


The evildoer

Thank you for uploading the pic. We still need some more information about the offender. It won’t take long!

Did you have any previous contact before you received the unsolicited dickpic?

Yes - But I did not request any dickpic from him!
No - we never talked before

About you

Ok, now we’re nearly done! In order to file a criminal complaint, we will need your details and your consent.

We don't save, sell or do anything else with your personal data! Your letter will be created locally on your computer or phone.



Ok, now we’re nearly done! In order to file a criminal complaint we will need you to confirm your details and give us your consent.

Is all the data you provided 100% correct?
You understand the following risks

You are about to file a criminal complaint with our help. If you actually received an unwanted dickpic the law is on your side. However, we want to remind you: A criminal complaint is a serious matter that should be taken seriously. Any criminal procedure has the following risks:

  1. Risk of false accusations

    If you file a complaint that contains false accusations this itself constitutes a criminal offence with severe legal consequences. Pursuant to §§ 164 GERMAN PENAL CODE (StGB) a false accusation can be punished with imprisonment for up to five years or a fine.

  2. Identification Risk

    Within the course of the investigations, there is a certain probability that the offender is informed about your identity. We will do what we can to prevent this.

  3. Your role as a witness

    The authorities may request you as a witness for the legal proceedings. Any costs (e.g. for travel) that you might have will be reimbursed by the court.

  4. Cost Risk

    The whole process on our side is without any costs for you.

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Wow, we’re done already. You are a brave dickpic reporter! By submitting the pics you are not only helping to find the offender, but you will probably help many other social media users.

Great job!

What’s next?
  1. Once the authorities receive your complaint, they are required by law to investigate.
  2. As part of the investigations the authorities will likely do the following:
    1. The authorities will send an info request to the platform provider who will provide the IP-address of the offender.
    2. The authorities will send an info request to the internet service provider about the owner of the respective IP-address at the time, when the crime was committed
    3. The internet service provider will provide personal data such as address and directions to the authorities
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